The pick your own berry season for 2019 is now over! Thank you for all of your support & for another great year at the farm!
Stay tuned for our 2020 U-Pick season!
*All of our U-Pick fruit is pesticide-free*

Strawberries: Not available
Blueberries: Not available
Raspberries: Not available
Blackberries: Not available
Currants: Not available
ooseberries: Not available
*U-Pick is weather dependent, please call ahead (518-392-4609) for picking conditions & availability*
How to: U-Pick
Before venturing into our berry fields, please visit the front register inside the farm store for instructions on picking.
Picking containers are provided. We have a carry in, carry out policy. Any items you bring into the picking fields must leave with you. Please do not litter in the fields. Please no pets or vehicles in the picking fields. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Please return to farm store after picking to pay for berries. Berries are priced by the pound. We accept all major credit cards, cash & personal checks.
Discounts available for up-to-date card holders for Farm Bureau members & Veterans participating in the Return the F.A.V.O.R program.
U-Pick Hours
Our U-Pick fields are open 8am-5pm daily during berry picking seasons. Our farm store is open 8am-6pm. Closing the picking fields 1 hour before the store ensures that all berry pickers are accounted for, that their berries are paid for and that they have additional time to shop or browse the farm store before they leave.
U-Pick Tips
*Dress appropriately: sun protection, practical clothing & shoes required in picking fields
*Hydration: Feel free to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated while picking! Visit our farm store for beverages & snacks before, during or after picking. *Please carry in & carry out all containers*
*Be aware: we are an active & operational farm. Please be mindful of farm hazards, equipment, tractors, etc. while visiting.
*Please only visit the designated picking fields & be respectful of other farm structures & crops.


No Spray & Pesticide-Free

We do not use any synthetic pesticides on our fruit, vegetable or leafy green crops. Weeds & pests are managed manually or with biological controls.

U-Pick Fruit

We grow strawberries, four different types of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries & currants. Availability depends on the season & growing conditions. We'll let you know what fruit is available at the farm for U-Pick!


Individuals, Groups & Tours

U-Pick season is a great time to get outdoors & enjoy nature in our beautiful picking fields. Whether you are an individual or a group, everyone is welcome! Want to take a tour & pick some berries? We also accommodate small to large size tour groups. Seasonally available.

Memberships & Discount Programs

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